Best Way to Organize Your Meds with Compliance Packaging!

The way how any product is made to look attractive to people is all in how it is packaged and the thought went into the design of it as well. 

In regards to compliance packaging, it is where the process is made easy for the patients, and the medicine prescribed for them is organized by dose, days of the week, and time of day that the patient takes them. 

Most health systems don’t do this but rather prefer to do it manually or in a semi-automated fashion on a limited basis. Compliance packaging is done by putting all the drugs a patient needs into one package (blister packs or pouches).


Benefits for the patients

Compliance packaging would help increase adherence and create more value for patients and stakeholders. This makes it easier to receive all the medicine in a single container, allowing patients to get the medicine before being discharged, and for patients to take the right drugs at the right time and this would all result in better patient experience and health outcomes as well.


Importance of Compounding  

For the compounding process, documentation is very important and required as well for a pharmacist. Pharmacists are required to create a Master formulation record and Compound record for any and all compounded drugs. Although, some of the information in these two records may tend to overlap.


Compliance packaging makes it simple to remember which medications to take and eliminates the uncertainty that may arise when it comes to knowing which medications to take and when to take it as well.

Many people tend to make errors or even misuse their medication and thus, compliance packaging would help for people to not make these mistakes. 


We want to make sure that doesn’t happen to you and ensure you have all your medications in a clear, organized and labeled manner. Our pharmacists will help you and provide the very best compliance packaging or even provide customized doses according to your preference.


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