Facts To Know About Flu Shots For Seniors

Seasonal influenza often referred to as the “flu”, is a common viral respiratory illness that is caused by the influenza A or influenza B virus. These viruses affect the throat, nose, and lungs, and they can cause a sore throat, cough, fever, stuffy nose, and body aches. Getting the flu shot is obviously far safer than getting the flu itself, so why wait? Even after receiving the flu shot, you still are at risk of contracting the flu, but since your immune system is already prepared to fight the virus, your symptoms will probably be minor and not life-threatening. People 65 and older do not react to vaccinations as strongly as others younger than them due to immune system changes that occur with aging. Older people have a lower immune response, which increases their risk of flu-related illnesses. Even though the flu is one of the most common illnesses, if a person has chronic health conditions, they can be seriously affected by the virus which can lead to it being life-threatening to the person.

What Should Seniors Know About Flu Shots?

Influenza vaccinations, or flu shots, at Calgary Drug Mart, are a secure and reliable way to support people in maintaining their health, avoiding illness, and even saving lives. It’s safe to use the inactivated influenza vaccine. It contains dead influenza viruses or fragments of viruses that are unable to spread the illness. Where the vaccination was administered, redness, discomfort, or swelling are common vaccine reactions.

After receiving the vaccine, some people—particularly those getting the flu shot for the first time—may experience mild symptoms. Fever, headaches, sore muscles, and weariness are just a few of the symptoms that can manifest themselves. While there are numerous flu vaccine alternatives available, there is a specific flu shot for those 65 and over to get. Unlike the normal flu shot, the flu shots for seniors contain 04 times as much flu virus antigen, which boosts the immune system.

There are two types of flu shots for seniors available to those who are 65 years or older. They are:

1. High-Dose Flu Shot: This vaccine has four times the antigen of an ordinary flu shot.

2. Adjuvanted Flu Shot: This vaccine contains “MF59 adjuvant”, which stimulates a higher immune reaction.


Why Senior Flu Shots Are Important ?

Before the flu season, seniors should receive the influenza vaccine to be able to fight the virus once the flu season begins. Each flu shot will be available at Calgary Drug Mart to make it convenient for you to come and get your flu shot.

It would be better for seniors to get their flu shot to have that extra protection for themselves against the virus and to protect their friends and family from getting the virus from you.

But before going to get the flu shot, you should speak with your healthcare provider or one of our pharmacists at Calgary Drug Mart to avoid any complications. The usual information is that you should not take the flu shot if you,

● have experienced a life-threatening response to the previous dose.

● have previously experienced serious oculo-respiratory syndrome (red eyes, cough, sore throat, or hoarseness) after receiving a flu shot.

● are currently having high fever.