Travelers First Aid Kit: Stock supplies that can save lives

A traveler’s first aid kit is a set of medical tools and materials created especially for the purpose of helping travelers treat common illnesses and injuries that could arise whilst they are out. No matter if you’re going on a weekend getaway or a month-long vacation,  a first aid kit will be a useful item to be on your hand. You can feel more at ease and prepared to manage any unforeseen issues that may happen during your trip by having a first aid kit.

Things to remember when you organize the first aid kit

As a traveler when you start organizing your first aid kit, it is important to have a clear understanding of what you want each item to use for. Simply, how is each item functioning, and for what purpose? You have to make sure that the first aid kit must be simple and is not to be complex or complicated and also should be easy to use. 

You can create a list by writing down everything you need to be included in the kit and it will help you to keep track of what you already have and what items are unavailable. Checking the expiration dates is essential especially in drugs and ointments to avoid unnecessary health conditions or infections. 

When you travel you can keep your first aid kit in a convenient place where you can reach easily and make sure you store everything in a safe package.

What items should be included in

  1. Plasters – It is necessary to have on your hand a selection of plasters in different sizes since when you travel it is possible to face minor injuries such as cuts and grazes. When you have the plasters in the necessary size you can easily cover the wound rapidly until you go for other advanced treatments.
  2. Gauze – Larger wounds can get dressed with gauze as they require more protection and proper coverage, hence blood and other fluids can be absorbed by gauze pads. 
  3. Adhesive tapes – In order to secure bandages,  gauze,  or other dressings to the skin surrounding wounds, you can use adhesive tapes to keep them fit to your skin until you remove them.
  4. Painkillers – Painkillers are a rapid solution to relieve your pain or ease the discomfort caused by minor diseases or injuries. 
  5. Tweezer or Scissor – These can be used to cut gauze or tape to the right size or to remove splinters from your skin.
  6. Disposable gloves – You may need disposable gloves if you need to administer first aid to another person or shield yourself when you get your wounds treated.
  7. Thermometer – This item is very important if you travel with kids or you are concerned about a fever or other illness-related symptoms. Your body temperature can be changed due to the different climates or other possible reasons when you travel. A thermometer is an essential tool you should have in your first aid kit.
  8. Insect repellent and sting relief – If you’re going somewhere where there are mosquitoes or other biting insects, you should have insect repellent and sting treatment on your hand. Insect repellent can be used to prevent insect bites while skin sting relief medications relieve your pain.
  9. Cotton wool – Cotton wool is a soft and absorbent material that may be used to clean or dress your wounds. 
  10. Anti-diarrhea tablets – A traveler’s first aid kit should have anti-diarrhea tablets, especially if you are going on a long trip or somewhere where the likelihood of getting diarrhea is high.

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