Meet Our Best Compounding Pharmacists at Calgary Drugmart

How Our Compounding Pharmacists Work

Our compounding pharmacists at Calgary Drugmart customize prescription drugs to meet each patient’s requirements and concerns. They develop personalized medications that are not available in normal forms by carefully combining ingredients in exact amounts. By applying their knowledge and specialized tools, they ensure accuracy and excellence, offering patients individualized care for their medical needs.

Know The Benefits Of Compounding

You can get a tailored approach to your prescription needs by selecting Calgary Drugmart’s compounding services, which guarantees that you get the most convenient and efficient care possible. You can rely on us to deliver compounded medications that are safe, efficient, and specifically designed for you since we are dedicated to quality and patient care. 

  1. You will get personalized treatment and care through medication compounding. It enables customized care based on each patient’s unique requirements. Calgary Drugmart can offer therapies that are more efficient and suited for each patient by modifying the amount, potency, and type of medications. By providing patients with the precise formulation they need, this individualized approach may improve their health outcomes.
  2. We provide you with other dosage forms in order to enhance patient’s comfort and medication adherence. Compounding makes it possible to create other dosage forms that may be more practical  and appropriate. At Calgary Drugmart, we provide you the dosage forms such as suppositories, lollipops, transdermal gels or ointments, suspensions, and also lozenges.
  3. We create allergy friendly formulations. Compounding provides a way to make customized formulations free of allergens for patients who are allergic to or sensitive to specific compounds often found in commercial drugs.
  4. Cost effectiveness is another benefits in compounding medications. Compounding medications can occasionally be more affordable than buying commercially available alternatives, particularly when it comes to specialty prescriptions or medications that are not covered by insurance.


We Support Your Health Journey By Customizing Medications