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Compounding Medications at Calgary Drugmart

Our compounding services at Calgary Drugmart are designed to meet your specific medical needs. Whether you require a different dosage form, flavor, or ingredients to avoid allergies, we specialize in tailoring prescriptions. Our team is committed to collaborating with your healthcare medical professionals and you to customize the ideal medication for you. We guarantee the safety and effectiveness of your compounded medication by using the most recent techniques and high-quality components. Trust us to provide personalized solutions for your specific health requirements.


Why Choose Calgary Drugmart For Personalized Medications


At Calgary Drugmart, our medication compounding services guarantee that you will always receive solutions created especially to fulfill your healthcare requirements. Here is why it’s important to choose Calgary Drugmart for tailored medication solutions,


  • For each patient, we create customized dosage forms with the recommended amount of medication.


  • We provide dose forms such as lollipops, transdermal gels or ointments, suspensions, and lozenges that aren’t sold commercially.


  • To accommodate each patient’s unique allergies and sensitivities, we create medication without specific excipients like lactose, sugar, colors, or alcohol.


  • We combine different drugs into one dose form to make administration simpler, maybe lessen adverse effects, and increase patient compliance.


The Role of Compounding for Various Ailments


When it comes to delivering specific treatments for various illnesses, compounding is essential since it provides solutions when conventional pharmaceuticals might not be sufficient or based on various reasons.  Patients will receive the exact formulation and dosage required for the best possible treatment outcomes thanks to this individualized approach.


  • Chronic Pain Management: By delivering medications for pain directly to the affected area, customized formulations like transdermal gels and topical creams can minimize systemic side effects.


  • Pediatric Care: Children can receive the right amount in the form they will take if medications are compounded into kid-friendly forms, including flavored suspensions or lollipops.


  • Dermatological Conditions: With carefully tailored active ingredient concentrations, customized creams, ointments, and gels can be used to treat certain skin conditions such as acne, and other minor skin conditions.


  • Gastrointestinal Disorders: Patients with allergies or sensitivities can use compounded drugs because they can be made without irritants like lactose or colors.


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