The Role of the Pharmacist in Compounding

We Make Personalized Solutions For Your Medication Treatments 

Compounding is the process of creating personalized medications that meet each patient’s unique requirements. This involves blending, combining, or modifying substances to create a medication that isn’t available commercially or to adjust the dosage, form, or flavour of a medication to meet a patient’s specific needs. Every patient has different health requirements, perhaps the prescription medications might not always be able to adequately address those needs. 

At Calgary Drugmart, you can talk to our pharmacists and experience the service of compounding that will be tailored to your medication needs and preferences. Our team is here to make sure you receive the best care possible, regardless of whether you need medicine without particular substances, a different form like a liquid or topical cream, or a specific dosage.

How Our Pharmacists Will Help You in Compounding

We create customized treatment plans based on each patient’s needs. Using the most suitable doses, our pharmacists consistently prepare the following particular dosage forms:

  • Dosage forms like suppositories, lollipops, suspensions, transdermal gels or ointments, and lozenges that are not sold commercially.


  • Medication without specific excipients, such as sugar, lactose, alcohol, or colours.


  • medication that combines different prescriptions into one dosage form to make administration simpler, possibly lowering adverse effects and increasing compliance.


  • Medications that would not otherwise be available for purchase will create personalised flavours to improve palatability and adherence.


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